CHRONIC ILLNESS COALITION

                              Improving the quality of life for those
                              persons affected by chronic illness,
                              conditions, aging or disability.

The Chronic Illness Coalition (CIC) was founded in 1984 and incorporated in the State of Michigan as a 501c3 non profit in 1991. Since then CIC membership has grown to include over 60 independent health organizations working together to provide information and support to those persons with chronic illness. 

CIC facilitates networking, programs and resources among related agencies; provides an opportunity for the advocacy of issues related to chronic illnesses and is an educational resource for health and human service professionals involved in preventing chronic illness and treating the chronically ill. CIC offers information workshops on topics of interest offered at membership meetings.

Information and referral continues to add to the benefit of membership. Currently the special needs focus has been to support those with chronic illness of lower income by assisting with financial or medical needs, ramp installation and offering Project: Insure the Uninsured; an event that has traveled to various counties and community centers to assist those individuals and families who are uninsured.

Using your donations to change the lives of many.

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Chronic Illness Coalition
501c3, incorporated in the State of Michigan

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