Chronic Illness Coalition
501c3, incorporated in the State of Michigan

Chronic Illness Coalition Awards of Courage

Courage – The quality of facing and overcoming dangerous or difficult
circumstances with resolve, perseverance and selflessness; to face
adversity with resolution and fortitude in spite of all opposing forces.

The Awards of Courage will be awarded to an individual afflicted with a
chronic illness as well as a caregiver of a person(s) with a chronic illness.
Determining criteria is listed below and will be decided upon by a
nominating committee based on a 0-4 point system. Only members in good
standing with the CIC can make nominations. Monetary awards and
plaques are presented at the annual January breakfast kick off meeting each year.

Click on the links below for the application and criteria forms:

Award of Courage Application Guidelines

Caregiver Award of Courage Application

Award of Courage Application

Award of Courage Selection Criteria

The Chronic Illness Coalition has made a commitment to highlight the courage of persons with chronic illness and their family caregivers. Over a lifetime most of us will have personal experience with at least one long-term illness ourselves, as well as experience caring for family members or friends. It is our duty and our privilege to shine a light on these realities and celebrate the persons affected by chronic illness.

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